You're not alone

I offer a holistic approach to solving your infant or toddler's sleep challenges. My sleep services gently empower your infants and toddlers to get their best sleep possible. 

Are you ready to sleep again?


Certified pediatric sleep consultant

As a new mom, I realized right away I couldn't pull all nighters and go to work the next day. Leaving my baby to cry it out wasn't an option, so we decided we needed expert help. We hired a sleep consultant and like magic, our son was sleeping through the night within a couple nights.


Just like that I was hooked on sleep and wanted to help other families. I became a certified pediatric sleep consultant and have been helping families through proven sleep training methods ever since!



Bachelor's of Science in Communication


CPR Certified

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Holistic Approach to 

Sleep Training and Sleep Habits


Additional Training In

Positive Parenting,

Newborn Care,

Pediatric Parasomnias,

& Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children

Sleep is crucial for proper brain development, but teaching your child to sleep can be overwhelming. Let's empower your child to

get the best sleep possible. 

It's okay to ask for help.



For the exhausted parent who's ready for a full night of sleep again. You've tried it all and are still struggling to get your kiddo sleeping independently. Maybe you're returning to work soon and need to know your little one will nap with you not there to hold them. 


Whatever your story is, wherever you are in your sleep journey, I'm here to help you meet your sleep goals.


You're so excited to begin life with your new baby, but you're living on a whole new level of exhaustion. My Newborn Survival Guide gives you tools to survive and thrive during these first 4 months with:


  • Sample sleeping and feeding schedules

  • How to set up a routine for baby

  • How to establish a healthy sleep foundation

  • Where your new baby should sleep

  • Healthy sleep associations

  • And so much more!



If you need help determining the best sleep solution for your family, schedule a free 15-minute discovery call!

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"It’s never too late to sleep train. I had tried everything with my three year old son and then I contacted Alyssa.  She was my saving grace when I had felt completely defeated in the sleep department."



"I was intimidated by the idea of sleep training and didn’t think we really needed it. I was so wrong! Alyssa was so great to work with. She was always encouraging and made our sleep plan very attainable."

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"Alyssa gave us more than a week of help, she gave us a foundation that will continue to follow Lainey throughout life and we are forever grateful. We will never stop recommending her."


  • empower your child to self soothe and sleep on their own if you let them;

  • are adaptable to meet you and your child's needs;

  • are proven to be highly effective when implemented correctly and consistently;

  • and result in a happier and more well-rested baby and family!