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"It’s never too late to sleep train. I had tried everything with my three year old son and then I contacted Alyssa.  She was my saving grace when I had felt completely defeated in the sleep department. She provided support and gave me the confidence I needed to get my son to sleep on his own. My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner! All I needed was a little guidance, patience and support, and my son was sleeping on his own in no time."


"Alyssa was a fantastic coach and resource to us! She had gentle solutions to encourage our daughter to sleep through the night and to have her fall asleep faster at bedtime and nap time. We had fallen into a bad cycle with our 2 year old... up several times a night, allowing her to crawl into bed with us. It was not setting her up for success to get good rest, and it was also exhausting for us as parents! We really needed some guidance from someone who knew what they were talking about, a professional!


Within about a week of working with Alyssa, following her sleep plan, and adjusting with Alyssa as needed, she was sleeping so much better!!! We had resigned to "she's just not a good sleeper," but in reality we had not given her what she needed to learn how to self soothe. Alyssa helped us teach her how to self soothe, how to create a proper sleep environment, and she gave us ongoing support as needed which was very appreciated.

I would highly recommend Alyssa and we will definitely be using her as a sleep coach as we continue to grow our little family, because we all know how important sleep is for everyone in the family (especially you, mom)."



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"Since working with Alyssa, we have established so many healthy and wonderful sleep habits for our daughter. We started at 6 weeks old with the newborn package, and Alyssa went over some of the basics but also incorporated so many extremely important and helpful sleep routine and environment changes that really set the foundation for us. Now my daughter is 16 weeks old and we're working with Alyssa on sleep training her. She's handling it like a champ! Alyssa is there for us every step of the way. She's extremely easy to work with, very understanding and always replies to my messages within just a few minutes. The whole process has been so simple. The custom sleep plan Alyssa created is perfect for our daughter and our family, and we couldn't be happier!"


"I was intimidated by the idea of sleep training and didn’t think we really needed it. I was so wrong! Alyssa was so great to work with. She was always encouraging and made our sleep plan very attainable. Only a few days in and we were already seeing so much progress! I highly recommend Alyssa and Goodnight Baby Sleep Coaching. If you’re thinking about it, just do it! You won’t regret it."



"Alyssa knew exactly what my toddler needed. She took a thorough inventory of my son’s current sleep plan and created a detailed sleep map designed specifically for him. Each night during his training we found a new goal he reached to celebrate. By teaching my son how to put himself back to sleep, Alyssa empowered him and developed the confidence he desperately needed. I can’t thank her enough. I only wish I would have contacted her sooner."

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"For the past 20 months we have struggled with sleep. Jaxson has always been a snuggly baby, but after getting really sick at 6 months old he ended up in our bed and stayed there. Night time and naps were a nightmare. He woke up multiple times in the night. Often times we gave into what he wanted just to get some extra sleep... I had NO idea how early bedtime should be. 


Enters Goodnight Baby Sleep Coaching. From the first call to the daily email exchanges I felt supported through ALL of it. By night 3 Jaxson was sleeping in his bed ALL NIGHT LONG! From 7pm-7am! By the end of the week, Jaxson was sleeping in his own room! In his own bed! He got a cold in the middle of all this, Alyssa listened to my concerns and readjusted the plan to fit my little sicky. Soon enough, he was right back to sleeping through the night. To us, this service is priceless. The value of sleep and being able to sleep next to my husband again is indescribable. I cannot thank Alyssa and this program enough."



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"Working with Alyssa was such a pleasure! She was so thoughtful and really took the time to get to know my baby so she could develop a plan that would work for our life. I appreciated that the plan we received wasn't just some cookie cutter plan you'd find online. It was made to match our baby and family's needs. Having the daily email check-ins were so helpful to help us stay on track and ensure the plan was working. She gave thoughtful and quick replies so we could make adjustments as needed. We are so glad we found Alyssa to work with!"


"We did sleep training from day one, Lainey excelled, she was a wonderful sleeper from early on. Until she wasn’t. Sleep regressions hit us hard and threw our home into a downward spiral of sleep. Ultimately we decided on a sleep consultant. It’s amazing how many people shamed us for having to use a sleep consultant but to be honest— it was the best investment not only for our little Lainey but for us too! Lainey learned how to self soothe, take longer and regular naps, and sleep without being held. Just like that, we slept again too! Alyssa gave us more than a week of help, she gave us a foundation that will continue to follow Lainey throughout life and we are forever grateful. We will never stop recommending her."

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"Alyssa was wonderful! She’s very knowledgeable, understanding and detailed in her plans. She helped us with our crazy schedule and found what works with our family. She listened and took into consideration our fears and worries and made us feel comfortable. She was quick to respond when we needed her and was very encouraging."


"I knew hiring Alyssa was a great investment from the start. Even before we started working together she was always so helpful which is one of the main reasons I decided to work with her. Our 5-month old's nap were all over the place and she helped us get him on a more predictable schedule quickly... and with minimal tears :) I can now put him down for a nap at the same time every day and he goes to sleep almost instantly! It was amazing to see how well his naps came together and how much happier it has made our son and us! Alyssa has given us the ability to have more freedom in our day and confidence that we are all getting the sleep we need."


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"Our 16 month old hadn’t been sleeping well for quite a while. She woke up several times throughout the night and didn’t have a consistent nap schedule. As a result none of us were sleeping well. Alyssa replied to my email right away and quickly worked to solve our problem. She is very kind, experienced and professional. The communication was excellent. Best of all everything was personalized in a unique way for our baby. I would recommend Alyssa to anyone who needs help creating a routine or getting their baby to sleep well. It turned out very successfully and we are extremely satisfied with the changes made. Thank you for helping us!!!"


"From the moment we exchanged messages on social media, I knew that Alyssa was going to be the answer to having our 7 month old daughter sleep through the night and take appropriately scheduled naps. Within a day or two, we had already seen a difference in our daughter's sleep patterns. She is great at what she does and you can honestly tell she is passionate about helping you and your baby. More importantly, she gives you the guidance to help your little one get the SLEEP they need! We are so grateful for the guidance and patience Alyssa expressed during our one week with her. Thank you, Alyssa!"

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