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Newborn Package

Newborn Package

For children ages 0-3 months


Newborn sleep is very disorganized and unpredictable. While we're not able to sleep train until 4 months adjusted age, we can establish a healthy sleep foundation and simple routine from day one that will set your little one up for healthy sleep later on. This package will give you a full understanding of the newborn sleep cycle, a look at safe sleep, provide a simple routine to follow, and give you the tools and techniques to survive newborn sleep.


  • 1 hour phone call to answer questions and discuss basics of newborn sleep.
  • Virtual assessment of baby's sleep environment for day and night sleep.
  • A newborn survival guide with information on sleep schedules, how to set up a routine, short nap solutions, establishing a healthy sleep foundation, where your new baby should sleep, soothing tips and more.
  • Two follow-up emails to be used within one month of purchase.


Parents who purchase this package will receive a 10% discount on future packages if requested.


Must be used within 30 days of purchase.

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