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Travel Blackout Tips - SlumberPod Review

You all know how much I push having a dark sleep environment for baby. And when I say dark, I don't mean light streaming through the slats in the blinds and a nightlight on. I mean it's hard to see your hand in front of your face, DARK. But that's not always super easy to achieve, especially when traveling.

I've done some janky thinks when traveling to try to blackout a room. I've draped quilts over the curtain rods to blackout all the light streaming through the blinds, I've tried hanging towels over the windows, I've even hung tin foil on the windows (super classy looking but definitely the most effective one I tried).

When we started traveling to my parent's house with more frequency, I finally invested in the SlumberPod. And you guys, holy cow. This is probably one of my absolute favorite baby sleep products.

SlumberPod is a bottomless, portable privacy pod that completely encloses standard playards, mini-cribs, and select toddler cots — giving a baby or child their own dark and private sleep space (like at home).

It's seriously a lifesaver. It gave us the freedom to sleep in the same room as my son, without disrupting him by having the lights on!

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That sounds cool - but is it safe?

SlumberPod passes all applicable consumer product safety tests for baby products and was also assessed for CO2 rebreathing by an independent lab and their appointed physician. All safety tests were conducted with the ventilation flaps closed. So yes, it's safe and completely breathable. Woohoo!

Features I love about the SlumberPod

  • Compact: Folds down very small — small enough to fit in carry-on luggage! I literally pack it in my suitcase for most trips.

  • Baby Monitor pouch: A total game changer. The post has a clear vinyl pouch accessible from the outside for a baby monitor. We use the Infant Optics monitor and the camera fits perfectly in the pouch. Keep in mind that the temperature gauge will read warmer if it's sitting inside the vinyl pouch, so I always positioned that outside the pouch to have a better idea of temp.

  • Fan pouch: The new SlumberPods have a mesh pouch for a fan! Ours is the original version so doesn't have this pouch, but since the pod can get a little warmer than outside it, a fan would be amazing! We just dressed our son for a few degrees warmer and never had any issues, but I love this feature on the SlumberPod 2.0!

  • Ventilation panels: This was important to me as I'm really sensitive to stuffy rooms, and assumed my baby would be too. So for additional airflow, you can open two or more ventilation panels once the lights are out in the room.

    • Four ventilation panels in total for airflow.

    • And the 2.0 has two standard ventilation panels, and two with “fly vent” design for increased airflow while remaining dark inside SlumberPod.

    • Always dress your little one accordingly to the temperature in the room.

  • Unique fabric: Made of breathable and light-blocking soft material.

  • Quick and easy set up: Typically takes 3 minutes or less. I'm not even kidding. It's a lot like setting up a camping tent (similar style poles to hold the pod up), but you can do it with one person and much more quickly.

Use Code Goodnight10 for $20 off!

How I can help

My goal is to provide SIMPLE, data-driven, step-by-step sleep programs for the tired parent who's ready to SLEEP AGAIN! Whether you have a brand-new baby, a 3-year-old who's never slept through the night, or you just need some help making a schedule change. I have a program just for you! 


Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission. All products recommended are based on my personal experience with them as a mom and certified pediatric sleep consultant, and are in no way sponsored by that company. Thank you for your support!


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